With punters expected to flock to pubs and restaurants this weekend, the weather forecast is a mixed bag.  

Residents can expect some sunny spells throughout Saturday with a chance of rain around 4pm.

The temperature is not expected to exceed 11 degrees Celsius on either Sunday or Saturday, hovering around 10 degrees for most of Saturday and Sunday daytime, though it will feel considerably colder.  

Sunday is a similar story, between 4 and 7 pm, there is a 30% chance of rain and hints of sun around the same time.  

Rain is likely on Monday from 4pm with showers expected in the evening, the Met Office has confirmed.  

It is expected to get windier throughout the weekend, with breezes on Monday moving into Tuesday. 

April has seen the lowest average minimum temperatures in the UK since 1922 and the third lowest since records began in 1884, according to the Met Office. 

April also saw the highest level of air frost in 60 years with this type of weather normally far more common in December, January and February.  

Despite this, sunshine has been high, with all UK nations reporting hours of sunshine for April in the top five ever since 1919.  

The unusual combination of dry and frosty conditions has caused headaches for gardeners with the Royal Horticultural Society commenting:  

“Considerable damage has been experienced in many gardens with flowers such as camellia and magnolias being scorched.

"Watering before sowing and after planting are now necessary, but after such a wet autumn and winter there is plenty of water lower down in the soil that established plants can access.” 

Here is your weekend weather forecast for London and the South East: 


A day of sunshine and developing showers is forecast, the showers locally heavy by the afternoon. Feeling cool in the northerly breeze. A slight frost will form overnight. Maximum temperature 14 °C. 

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday: 

Sunshine and showers on Sunday. Bright start to Monday, with showers, then occasionally heavy rain and strong winds, coastal gales later. Sunshine and showers on Tuesday, with cold northwesterly winds.