An Andover salon is raising money for a children’s ward that supported one the members of their ‘extended family’.

The Salon, based in Kenyons Yard, is raising money for Ocean Ward at Southampton University Hospital after the great-nephew of one of their staff, Reggie, was given lifesaving surgery on the ward.

Their fundraising is pat of a multi-generation challenge by Reggie’s family to raise as much money as possible to “pay it forward”.

Reggie suffers from a rare condition called Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF), which causes a range of heart defects. He stayed on the Ocean Ward while having heart surgery at the age of six months, while staff also supported his mum Tamsin King.

Since leaving the ward, and now a healthy baby boy, the rest of the family have been taking part in a series of challenges to raise money for Families of Ocean Ward, a charity which provides equipment, furniture and essential equipment for the ward, and the families who use it.

This includes Reggie’s great-great-grandmother Pauline Hoare taking part in two marathon walks, his great-grandmother organising a raffle, while his grandad and great-uncles are planning to run over 240 miles before his birthday in July.

At her place of work, Tanya, who is Reggie’s great aunt, is hoping to raise £300 with a raffle for professional styling equipment. 100 squares are being sold for £3 each, with spaces rapidly running out.

The Salon hopes to undertake the draw this week once all the squares are sold.

Sarah, who owns the salon, told the Advertiser: “Tanya is part of the salon family, and it’s such a good cause.

“We’re going to be raffling off these squares when we’ve sold them all, and that’s probably this week. All the proceeds are going towards the cause.

“He’s such a happy little boy.”

The family’s fundraiser for the ward has, at the time of writing, passed three quarters of the way towards its goal of £1,650. If you would like to donate, and push that total a little higher, visit: