As the dust settles from the results of this week’s local elections, some groups will be celebrating their victories, while others will be commiserating their losses.

Eight parties and a number of independents were vying for your vote in the local elections, with votes taking place for the county council, borough council and a number of parish councils, as well as neighbourhood referendums for planning.

Here’s our roundup of the winners and losers on the local election night:


The Conservatives

The Conservative Party, both nationally and in Test Valley, has done very well in 2021’s local elections. Having won the Hartlepool by-election to elect a new MP, local conservatives were confident going into the elections in Test Valley.

On the county council, there was no change for the number of tory representatives, as they all held their own, and in some cases increased their majority. A number of new candidates took over from those stepping down or not being selected, including both the leader and deputy leader of Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) – Cllr Phil North and Cllr Nick Adams-King.

For the borough council, where there were four seats up for grabs, it was a strong showing for the party as they won all the elections. In Andover St Mary’s, Jan Budzynski returned to the borough council after having lost his seat during the Andover Alliance surge in 2019. In Millway, Jim Neal won election to the council, while in a straight showdown between Lib Dems and Conservatives for two seats in Chilworth, Nursling & Rownhams, they won both elections comfortably.

As a result, the Conservatives have strengthened their majority on TVBC, though were unable to dislodge long-serving Lib Dems on the county council.

Independents on town councils

It was also a good night for independent candidates on the town councils across Test Valley, as a number were elected against the established parties.

Michael Mumford, standing as an independent for Andover Millway (though standing as a Labour candidate elsewhere), won a close fought contest with the Liberal Democrats for the by-election for the ward at the town council.

Elsewhere, though the Lib Dems were first by a significant margin for Andover St Mary’s, Stu Waue won the second seat up for grabs, beating the second Lib Dem candidate, Richard Kidd, into third.

In Nursling & Rownhams, the Liberal Democrat candidate was beaten as the independent candidate took 63 per cent of the vote, while it was a straight fight in Wellow between two independents, with Genni Tuson emerging triumphant.


The Lib Dems

While the Lib Dems didn’t lose any seats during this election, they failed to make gains either, and saw their majority on TVBC reduced as Conservatives won four by-elections.

Meanwhile, on Andover Town Council, the Lib Dems had the opportunity to become the largest party, but after gaining one additional seat, and another in an uncontested election, they are now tied for largest party with the Andover Independents.

They could have gained two more seats in Andover Millway and Andover St Mary’s, but were narrowly defeated by independent candidates in both instances, by 74 and 42 votes respectively. Despite this, they now have a greater ability on the town council to be able to influence votes and set the agenda.

Andover Independents

In 2019, the Andover Alliance swept most of the board on Andover Town Council and won a number of Andover’s Test Valley Borough Council seats. Since then, the party has shrunk significantly, with its leader, Richard Rowles, remaining the only elected member as other have resigned, become independent, or left to join their own party.

A number of these candidates set up their own party, the Andover Independents, who subsequently increased their representation on Andover Town Council. Coming into this election, they were hoping to increase their representation on Test Valley Borough Council, and break into Hampshire County Council, by replicating the success of their former party.

However, they came last for the TVBC vote for Andover Millway, and were unable to make much headway when it came to the county council elections.

However, they still form a minority bloc on TVBC, and are the joint largest party on Andover Town Council, allowing them to put across their views for some time to come.