EVER wondered what crimes are being committed near you?

The latest figures from Data.Police.UK has revealed that Nessus Street in Portsmouth and Haltons Close in the New Forest were the top hotspots for crime in April.

The data shows out of the 14,993 crimes recorded in Hampshire (excluding the Isle of Wight), the most reported type of crime was categorised as ‘violence and sexual offences’ with 5,304 incidents.

Anti-social behaviour was the second most reported crime with 3,124 incidents and a total of 1,612 public order crimes were recorded.

At the bottom of the scale was theft from a person which received 50 reports.

Use the database below to search for a street name to see what crimes have been recorded near you.

The data provided is the approximate location of a crime, not the exact place that it occurred due to location anonymisation.

The top 10 worst streets for crime across the county were:

  1. On or near Nessus Street, Portsmouth: 50 crimes recorded
  2. On or near Haltons Close, New Forest: 42 crimes recorded
  3. On or near Warblington Place, Portsmouth: 32 crimes recorded
  4. On or near Laundry Road, Southampton: 28 crimes recorded
  5. On or near Sharps Close, Portsmouth: 22 crimes recorded
  6. On or near Trent Road, Southampton: 20 crimes recorded
  7. On or near Portswood Road, Southampton: 19 crimes recorded
  8. On or near Western District Cut, Southampton: 19 crimes recorded
  9. On or near International Way, Southampton: 18 crimes recorded
  10. On or near Compton Road, New Forest: 18 crimes recorded

The latest figures show data from April 2021.

To find out more visit police.uk.