A Saxon mud house, a peculiar painting workshop, and several pub-inspired sheds are among this year’s Shed of the Year entrants.

The “lockdown” category introduced in last year’s competition has been retained, with several DIY bars created as pubs in England remained closed until coronavirus restrictions began to ease in April.

This year, 331 entrants are vying for the title of Cuprinol Shed of the Year, more than double the number in 2020.

Several Hampshire residents have entered the competition, hoping their lockdown shed creations will dazzle the judges.

Here are some of the most creative Hampshire sheds in the competition.

The Saxon House

Andover Advertiser: Sheddie Daniel PearceSheddie Daniel Pearce

For less than £100 a father and nine-year-old son duo built this incredible Saxon building using reclaimed materials along with hazel and willow cut locally to build the walls.

The walls have been daubed with a mixture of mud, hay and horse poo and the roof is an old canvas covered with birch brushwood screening.

The father and son are using it for camping, spending time in the garden making furniture and having fires, cooking and having fun.

The Swifties Inn

Andover Advertiser: Sheddie Mark RenyardSheddie Mark Renyard

This impressive entertaining shed come pub is big enough to host a celebration for around 20 people.

The Pub is named after a song and dance act that was formed by the shed owners late Nan and Grandpa just after the war.

His grandparents used to live in a road called Swift gardens in Southampton, and formed a song and dance act that toured around parts of Southampton entertaining people in community centres and churches.

When his grandparents sadly passed on, they left some money, and the shed owner used this to build the incredible pub in their memory. Inside you can find old photos and programmes of the band.

The Peculiar Pear

Andover Advertiser: sheddie Ally Scottsheddie Ally Scott

The owner of this spectacular shed uses it to “paint peculiarities” from cyber men to daisy chairs, mandala tables to clothes.

The owner called the shed her “creative space for making a mess”.

Bottoms Up

Andover Advertiser: Sheddie Adam LeverettSheddie Adam Leverett

You could be forgiven for mistaking this shed for a pub. The owner transformed his disused spaced into a traditional cosy pub complete with dining area, drinking space and dance area.

Understandable this is now the shed owners favourite part of the house and amazingly everything you see has been built from scratch on purchased second hand on Facebook Market Place.

The Chaddy Arms

Andover Advertiser: sheddie Craig Gartsidesheddie Craig Gartside

This shed cost over £1,000 but the owners love their stylish bar space. The shed is complete with a 100 inch big screen projector, a dart board, a pool table, a fruit machine and beer on draft.

The Lockdown Arms

Andover Advertiser:  sheddie Chris Lake sheddie Chris Lake

The name of this outside tikki style bar says it all. Cleverly built using pallets from the shed owners allotment, the shed cost under £50.

But the owners did splash out on a working draught beer tap using kegs from a local brewery to support local businesses during lockdown.


Andover Advertiser: Sheddie Mark KillickSheddie Mark Killick

This shed has it all, from a big tv, dartboard, double door proper bar and a place to play 80's vinyl on an original kenwood stack.

This entry also comes with a hot tub hut made from pallets, the owner says it is the perfect play to enjoy a margarita or a cold beer.

Have you made or built anything spectacular during lockdown? Let us know, email megan.hinton@newsquest.co.uk