ROADWORKS. An annoyance for every driver out there, but worse still when you have no idea they're happening.

To help you navigate your way around Andover this month, we've put together a list of the planned roadworks in the borough during June ...

Green Drove road is closed until June 9, with a diversion route running from Smannell Road round to the A343.

Southern Water are doing roadworks on Hatherden Lane up by Charlton Down.

Gasworks are being done on Milton Avenue, Shakespeare Avenue and Chaucer Avenue with traffic control in place on all three connecting roads and delays likely until at least June 25.

Delays are also likely on Western Avenue until June 16 due to telecoms upgrades whilst waterwork upgrades taking place on Humberstone Road until June 8.

The roundabout on Floral Way is also being upgraded until June 7 at the earliest, with delays likely and traffic control systems in place.

The works on Foundry Road are ongoing and will continue until June 21.

Winchester Road in Whitchurch is also seeing roadworks until at least June 8, with traffic control making delays likely if you are driving through Whitchurch.

There is also a northbound diversion and one way system on White Hill Road, Overton which has been extended until September for drainage works, with the A303 into Overton likely to see delays until at least April 12.

Finally, one lane of the A303 is closed until June 15, with delays possible if you are driving that way from Andover to Basingstoke.