DRIVERS will have to follow a 33-mile diversion around Andover to bypass a small stretch of roadworks later this month.

Carriageway surface repairs due to take place on a stretch of road just under a mile long will cause huge delays to drivers, with the diversion route expected to take 50 minutes to follow.

Carriageway surface repairs to replace the top layer of the road construction with a new asphalt surface, will take place on the Priory Lane near Whitchurch for two days in June.

The works are programmed to commence on June 28 and are expected to last until June 30, during which time the road will need to be closed to vehicular traffic.

As previously reported by the Advertiser, the diversion route originally published by the council was a whopping 95-miles long and would have added an extra two hours and forty minutes on to journey times.

The Council’s 153km diversion, was criticised online with readers pointing out that steps 21 to 35 would have causex drivers following the diversion, to loop back on themselves unnecessarily only to end up back at the exact same point at Victory roundabout.

Hampshire County Council has since published an updated official diversion route online, which can be viewed by clicking this link.

Alternatively, for locals who know their way around, there are a number of shorter but unofficial routes that drivers can take to avoid the road closure.

The alternative routes may not be suitable for HGVs and should be avoided if using larger machinery.

Andover Advertiser:

One way to avoid the road closure is to use Watch Lane, which is approximately 100 yards away from Priory Lane and continue up to Harrow Way.

An alterative route is to continue on London Road/ B3400 and then turn right on to Newbury Road, after approximately one and a half miles turn right again on to Harrow Way.

Any person who breaches the road closure could be convicted or face a fine not exceeding £1,000.