A MAN who threatened his ex-partner and said he would ‘take her into the woods and shoot her’ has been jailed less than a month after receiving a restraining order for harassing her.

In April, Paul Foakes-Tiffin, of Gardeners Green, Shipton Bellinger, was convicted a harassing his former girlfriend and damaging her property.

He was jailed for 11 weeks and made subject to a year-long restraining order which required him not to contact her.

However, just nine days after he was released from prison on May 16, he attempted to contact the victim via a series of missed calls on a withheld number. He also tried to Facetime her and this time the number was visible, Winchester Crown Court was told on June 25.

Prosecuting, David Maunder said: “(The victim) sent a text message to that number to ask why that person was contacting her.”

Foakes-Tiffin phoned her and, Mr Maunder continued: “He said hi to her. She instantly recognised his voice [and said] ‘what the hell are you doing contacting me, you have a restraining order not to contact me’. The defendant replied ‘are you going to grass me up’."

The victim went into “panic mode” and received more texts from him accusing her of cheating on him and threatening to kill her.

The 45-year-old was arrested, but he was taken to hospital for concerns for his health.

Mr Maunder told the court: “As the vehicle passed by [he said] ‘stop it that’s (the victim's house) there, if she speaks to anyone again I’m going to f****** shoot her’.”

Whilst in hospital he also said that he would “take her into the woods and shoot her and kill her family”.

He previously pleaded guilty to sending an offensive message and breaching a restraining order by harassing the victim.

In mitigation, Dr Tagbo Ilozue said that the breach took place in a “moment of despair, in a moment of lashing out”.

He added: “There is no history of this behaviour except with this individual. [He has been] particularly affected by this relationship with this individual.”

The court was told that Foakes-Tiffin has a serious mental health disorder and is awaiting cognitive behavioural therapy.

In sentencing, Judge Advocate Jane England said: “You do not own (the victim), she does not owe you anything, you have no rights over her, she is perfectly entitled to decide that she does not want a relationship with you.”

Foakes-Tiffin was jailed for 12 months and he was also made subject of an indefinite restraining order.