Andover residents have reacted with sadness following a shocking ‘hit and run’ in which five Canada geese were struck by a vehicle in the centre of Andover.

On Thursday, July 1, police were flagged down on Charlton Road, behind Andover College, where four geese were dead, and one seriously injured. Officers said those responsible had “made off without moving or helping the injured animals.”

Councillor Iris Andersen, who represents St Mary’s Ward, where this incident took place, said that there needed to be better education on wildlife to avoid a repeat of this incident.

“We need to treasure our wildlife and nurture the new life that’s coming by educating people about it,” she told the Advertiser. “There’s no perfect solution but we need to make sure that we look after our wildlife.

“We have a duty of care to those animals. I just think nature is such a wonderful thing. It’s very sad when things like this happen, and I believe we should be making sure that we all appreciate wildlife.”

The road where the incident took place is meant to be 30mph, but members of the public have reported seeing drivers travelling faster down the road. While there is a warning sign for birds crossing the road due to the proximity of the river, it is currently overgrown by bushes and trees.

The birds were found by Nicky Goodland, who flagged down two PCSO’s as they passed the area.

Posting online, she described it as a “horrific sight” and “quite unbelievable”, thanking officers for their help.

Cllr Andersen concurred with her thoughts, saying “it would have been better for the person to have stopped,” though noting it could have been accidental.

“This is our wildlife and we need to look after them, but it is difficult to make them safe while allowing them to roam freely,” she said. “I don’t like our wildlife being hurt like that and it’s so hard to see something like this happen. I just want to see people take our wildlife seriously.

“Since Covid, people have been walking and taking notice of nature more so than ever before, because we’ve had the time to be able to do it. We need to have a greater awareness and appreciation of wildlife.”

Police continue to appeal for information regarding the incident, and ask anyone who can assist them to call 101 and leave a message for PCSO 16281 or PCSO 18319.