There were mixed views in the high street today as the latest stage of lockdown easing went ahead.

Residents were split over whether or not masks should be worn going forwards, with different residents giving their own views.

Patricia Hannam was in the Chantry Centre today, and chose not to wear a mask.

She said: "I haven't worn a mask this morning but I would if I was visiting somewhere mega-busy. There were times I forgot before [during lockdown] as we're still not used to it."

She added that she wasn't concerned over restrictions being relaxed, saying: "To be honest I don't think there is a right time. I think we need to take the risk at some point, and see if we can survive without it [the restrictions]."

Meanwhile, A 23-year-old, who didn't want to be named, said he was concerned about the lifting of restrictions.

He said: "I'm not sure we should be lifting restrictions when the number of cases are increasing significantly."

"I'm going to keep wearing a mask indoors, as I don't think now is the right time to stop using them."

Rosie Miller, who was wearing a mask and face shield outside, struck a middle view. She was in favour of the latest easing, but says she will continue wearing a mask indoors.

"I think it is right to ease lockdown today," she said. "I'm going to continue wearing a mask for now though."

There have also been changes for businesses, with an end to the rule of six and social distancing as legal requirements.

Steve Godwin, from Andover's Business Improvement District, said that "the recovery has definitely started" in Andover, but that businesses were taking change in small steps.

"I think businesses are generally pleased but treating the easing with caution," he said. "Many are encouraging people to wear masks but they're not mandatory anymore."

"I think from our hospitality sector a number are still maintaining table service, and allowing people people go to the bar but not to queue."

"They're keeping restriction notices up, encouraging people to continue to wear masks where they can."

One of these businesses was Canto Gelato, where Kelly Jones said that business "hadn't changed too much."

She said: "The rule of six didn't really affect us as it's mostly smaller families who come here."

"We're asking people to wear masks to put customers at ease, but people are getting more relaxed. We're hoping people will get more comfortable as time goes on, and we took a booking for 12 at the weekend which we would have been unable to do before."

She added the hot weather was driving customers to her business, saying that they had "nearly sold out of ice cream" on Sunday.

The rule change comes amid rising cases in Test Valley, with 538 cases in the seven days to July 13, with a case rate of 426.4 – significantly above the English average of 376.1.