FLIP flops, sandals and sliders are a staple part of everyone’s summer wardrobe, especially this week, as temperatures soar to 32 degrees Celsius.

But when it comes to driving, the fashionable footwear could land you in a whole heap of trouble.

Whilst driving in flip flops is not illegal, you could be hit with a fine or a driving ban if they impact your ability to drive safely.

Rule 97 of the Highway Code states that drivers are advised they must have "footwear and clothing which does not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner".

Flip flops can easily slip off and become wedged under pedals and if the sole is not thick enough it could impact your ability to break with enough force.

If you are stopped by police whilst driving in unsuitable footwear you could face a careless driving fine of £100 and three penalty points could be added to your licence.

But in serious cases, or in a case that is contested in court, drivers face a maximum £5,000 fine, up to nine penalty points and a driving ban.

According to the RAC, there are some basic guidelines you should follow when selecting footwear to drive in.

The RAC state you should make sure:

  • Your shoes have a sole no thicker than 10mm but the sole should not be too thin or soft.
  • Your footwear should provide enough grip to stop your foot slipping off the pedals
  • The shoes should not be too heavy
  • Shoes must not limit ankle movement
  • They should be narrow enough to avoid accidentally depressing two pedals at once