A Stockbridge school has shared their success in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards as the school year comes to an end.

Committed pupils across Year Ten at Test Valley School have completed the Bronze Award, with 28 students in total completing four skilled sections including volunteering, physical skills and expedition.

The Bronze Award was also launched on July 15 for current Year Nine pupils and the opportunity to progress to Silver Award is now open for Year Ten students.

A spokesperson for Test Valley School said: “The Duke of Edinburgh’s award is such a great opportunity for young people to show they have commitment, dedication and diversity and really impress employers, not to mention provide a fantastic focus or discussion at an interview.”

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was established in 1956, and has three levels, of which Silver is the middle tier. As part of the award, young people must volunteer in the community, learn or develop a skill, undertake a new physical activity and go on an expedition.

While Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, may have passed away, the awards continue as the title passed to his son Prince Charles. While this title will revert to the crown when Charles becomes King, there has been speculation it will be created again and passed to another royal.

The celebrations for the school have not stopped there, as students were also able to compete against their own year groups in the annual sports day event which was held on July 16.

Students took part in the usual line up of activities such as welly wanging, tug of war and a fun run to raise money for a new school defibrillator.

Winners of the events were Year 7 (Phoenix House), Year 8 Phoenix House, Year 9 (Phoenix House) and Year 10 (Griffin House).