An Andover woman has criticised a national broadband provider following widespread allegations of internet problems in the town.

Rachel Clayton said she has had “appalling treatment” from Sky, following numerous claims of internet outages being suffered by customers of the company over the past week.

“I’ve been a customer for 16 years and have over the last seven months received some of most shocking service, internet wise and customer service wise,” she said.

Sky did not respond to the Advertiser’s request for comment, but has posted on Twitter to say its engineers “are continuing to investigate this fibre issue in the area which is affecting customers being unable to browse.”

They added: “We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this.”

Rachel said that she had been having internet issues for the past five days, claiming that the company ‘denied the existence of an outage’ at first.

She said she was recommended to run a test through the company’s app, but alleged that the internet outage meant it wouldn’t work.

“I tried to explain that their app was not working, as it was saying that the internet was ok. I can’t run a test again as I’m using 4G to use the internet, and my Sky app will not run the test on the router on 4G as it needs to connect through the WiFi, which I don’t have.”

Rachel has been booked an engineer by the firm to look into the issues she has faced.

Her claims are mirrored by others on social media, who have also claimed to have suffered ‘internet outages’ over the past week.

Responding to a customer on Twitter, Sky’s help team said that “the Andover issue has been resolved” to a customer on July 20, but said today (July 21) that “issues seem to have reappeared.”

The company said that its engineers “are on site working hard to fix the problem” and that “the issue will be resolved as quickly as possible.”