Residents of Roman Way have called on the county council to install a new crossing due to the “terrible” traffic on the road.

Andoverians living on the northern end of Roman Way, adjacent to Roman Way Primary School, want a new pelican crossing installed on the road for residents and pupils of the school. Though the road is signposted at 30mph, they claim drivers often go much faster down the road.

One resident, who didn’t want to be named, told the Advertiser: “We would like a pelican crossing here, because it’s very difficult to cross the road now, especially for my elderly neighbours. You take your life in your hands crossing this road sometimes.”

She attributes the increase in traffic to the development of Augusta Park and East Anton, which she says has seen more people using the road.

“People speed up and down this 30mph road, and at night it’s worse,” she said. “When we moved here in 1975, there wasn’t all this traffic, but now it’s terrible. The amount of traffic is just too high with people heading to Augusta Park now.”

However, Hampshire County Council, who are in charge of highways matters in Andover, disagree. They say that the road has a “good safety record” and are “unaware” of calls for change.

Councillor Rob Humby, the council’s deputy leader and executive lead member for economy, transport and environment, said: “Along Roman Way, just west of the bus stop there is an existing informal crossing point with dropped kerbs and textured paving where people can cross safely.

“We are not aware of any enquiries for a traffic island crossing at this location and this particular section of Roman Way appears to have good safety record. A Puffin pedestrian crossing was installed in nearby Viking Way three years ago, funded by local developers.”