Work continues to improve the access to an Andover school as well as providing ‘a safer road’ outside the gates.

The footpath outside Vigo Primary School is being widened as part of plans to encourage families to walk and cycle to school, rather than be dropped off outside. Part of a lay by outside the school is also being moved to increase visibility for a new road crossing for students.

Sarah Lees, Senior Travel Planner at Hampshire County Council (HCC), said: “There are two schemes being implemented alongside each other on Vigo Road.

“They will widen the existing 2m footway into a 3m cycleway and install an uncontrolled crossing point. It has been agreed to re-install a 10m section of pedestrian of guardrail outside the school to prevent children speedily exiting the school into oncoming traffic.

“In addition, to facilitate improved visibility to the new crossing point, the second scheme removes a 25m section of the existing layby outside the school and is converting it to grass verge plus the lay by will be extended at the other end, and a new lay by will be installed near the junction to London Road, just after the entrance to Bilbao Court.

“HCC are also installing drop kerbs and tactiles on the junction of Colenzo Drive.”

As previously reported, residents of Vigo Road had been concerned over the impact of school traffic, which had seen cars parked on verges and over footpaths during the morning drop-off period.

Speaking to the Advertiser last year, 55-year-old resident Chris described the situation as “a bit of a nightmare.”

“You take your life in your hands,” he said. “It’s mayhem here.”

Cllr Iris Andersen has also campaigned for the changes, and told the Advertiser when works were announced: “I am so excited about this. This is what we get when we work together to achieve something for everyone. The travel planner worked really hard, the county council worked hard, and we worked hard so this shows what can be done. I want to thank them all for their help.

“I was really pleased by this for the safety of the children. This is just what was needed to happen, and we’ve been waiting for some time.”