An Andover councillor has called on those involved in a car meet to ‘distance themselves from the anti-social element’ after a car was seized by police.

Officers seized a BMW after it allegedly performed a burnout in the car park of Wickes before driving off through red lights on Sunday, August 29. Councillor Stu Waue, who sits on the town council, said that he had a “warning” for organisers.

“If you don't wish to be labelled or have constant scrutiny from the police and public every time you meet, you need to start publicly condemning the actions of such individuals and taking action against them,” he said.

“You know who they are and you most likely know their registrations. You can identify them before they misbehave and have the choice to send them away or let them in at the risk of ruining the night for the vast majority who behave responsibly.

Cllr Waue said that prior to the incident, he had passed the charity event and described it was “largely quiet.”

“If it weren't for the inconsiderate, and dangerous, actions of a small number of people, many residents would have been blissfully unaware of the meet even taking place,” he said. “A hearty well done could have been the order of the day”.

He said he hopes the alleged perpetrators make “a sizeable contribution” to the charity which the event was fundraising for.

Following the incident, Cllr Phil North, the leader of Test Valley Borough Council, has also spoken out on the incident, saying it was “good to see the cops cracking down” on “noisy vehicles” on Andover roads and in car parks.

Posting on social media, Test Valley Police said they would like to ‘catch up’ with the driver of the vehicle, adding: “We won’t tolerate a dangerous or anti-social use of the roads.”