THREE fire crews dealt with an incident involving a recreational vehicle (RV) that was "well alight".

The incident was reported yesterday evening (Sunday September 19) at 6.15pm on the A345 between Amesbury and Low Flying Corner.

Crews from Salisbury, Amesbury and Andover, together with a water carrier from Andover were at the scene.

A post on the Amesbury Fire Station Facebook page said: "On arrival there was a large RV well alight, crews used breathing apparatus, hose reels, main jets and foam.

"Due to the remote location water was supplemented by the water carrier from Andover. Crews from Amesbury and Salisbury remained on scene for five hours."

Four breathing apparatus wearers used three hose reel jets and foam to extinguish the fire.

The "stop message" for crews came in at 7.42pm but they remained on scene until just after 10pm dampening down the scene and ensuring the fire was completely out.

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