A work group for youth has been formed by the Andover Town Council in an attempt to fill service gaps.

The town council, in a meeting held recently, voted for a proposal to form a Youth Services Work Group to help with the goal of engaging with local organisations relating to the provision of youth services in Andover and the provision of new services alongside local community groups.

The proposal was put forward by Cllr Richard Rowles and Cllr Stu Waue.

Speaking about the proposal, Cllr Rowles said it will help the town council plan the services for youngsters more effectively.

“As a Town Council we have to ensure we spend our money without competing with other Andover based organisations,” Cllr Rowles said.

“This plan will produce a scoping document for consideration in next year's budget and possibly this year's, to work with and improve Andover's youth services”.

The working group is set to develop recommendations for the Full Town Council to approve any provision for the current financial year, and recommendations for the budget process to approve for any provision for the forthcoming financial year.

Cllr Stu Waue said he was very proud to second the motion. “It is a positive step forward for Andover and its Town Council. As a parent and a councillor I hope we can help provide a better, more positive future for our young people”.