AN ANDOVER school has been given an award for its amazing support of young carers during the pandemic.

Winton Community Academy has been recognised by The Children’s Society and Carers Trust for its outstanding commitment and support of young carers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Young carers are children who support a parent or family member who is struggling with a physical or mental illness, and during the pandemic and lockdown their roles were more important than ever.

Up to one in five school age students in this country are young carers, and one in eight is under eight years old.

Without additional support at school and college young carers can struggle to balance their caring duties with other activities in their lives. This means they sometimes face extra pressures and can miss out on opportunities that other children enjoy.

On average, young carers miss or cut short 48 school days each year, and 62 per cent of them say they have been bullied.

But fortunately, the commitment and support shown by Winton Academy will help to secure future opportunities for young carers and increase their well-being at school.

Carole Milnes, of the student welfare team at Winton Community Academy, said: "We are delighted to have been nominated for this award by Andover Young Carers, and to receive recognition for the work we do for our Young Carers at Winton.

“As a welfare team, during the pandemic, we would make regular contact with our Young Carers whilst they were learning at home, inviting them to regular virtual drop-in meetings which some attended. This way we could continue our support for this particular group of young people during a very difficult and challenging time."

Helen Leadbitter, national young carers lead at The Children’s Society, said she is delighted that the Young Carers in Schools Programme is bringing about national change, adding: “Hundreds of schools across England are participating in the Young Carers in Schools programme, using the tools and resources to improve their support systems, and ensuring that no child need miss out on educational opportunities because they are a carer.

“Seventy-four per cent of schools who have achieved a Young Carers in Schools Award have noticed improved attendance among their young carers, and 94 per cent have noticed improvements in their well-being and confidence.”

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