STAFF and residents at Rothsay Grange care home, in Andover, are delighted to have all received their third booster Covid-19 vaccinations from Charlton Hill surgery.

General manager of the Barchester site, Amanda Cussen, said: “We’ve all been through such a difficult time over the past 18 months but the vaccine has been so important in helping us get our residents’ lives back on track.

"I am so proud of the team and how they have worked together and continue to do so and we are all so grateful to be prioritised to receive the booster vaccine first.

"We’re not completely back to normal yet but we know the booster vaccination is vital to help us keep everyone safe.”

NHS England said on Saturday that three weeks after the booster programme began, a total of 2.08 million top-ups have been administered.

It said these include third jabs given as boosters, and doses given to those people with severely weakened immune systems who might not have mounted a strong response to their initial jabs.