CHILDREN at Stockbridge Pre-School had the ride of their lives this term when they embarked on a sponsored bike ride around several challenges laid out for them by staff.

In order to raise money to develop their outdoor area with a large playhouse, children brought trikes, bikes and scooters and rode them continuously for 30 mins.

The children, aged two and three years old, have been developing their skills at bike and trike riding to improve their core skills and had to manoeuvre over humps and bumps, a mock road crossing, in and out of the ‘car wash’ and around a series of obstacles in a bid to make their sponsored ride as tricky as possible.

Parents and grandparents came to support and cheered the children on and they were also encouraged by the Year 6 children from the primary school who were on hand to start and finish them, help them over the humps and bumps as well as run alongside the children for encouragement.

Pre-school manager Kerry Evans said: “We were so proud of our children; they’ve worked so hard to develop their skills and be brave on their bikes.”

The pre-school, which is led and managed by the school and offers places for children aged two to four years old, has prioritised motor skills as a fundamental development point for children in pre-school, and the sponsored bike ride is the show point of their developing skills.

After phenomenal support from families, the children raised a very successful £485.