AN ANDOVER singing group is seeking young people aged seven to 16 to join up.

As previously reported, Clare Oliver, musical director of Andover Ladies’ Choir, launched a two youth choirs in September, to help young people discover the joy of group singing.

With just two months of practice sessions under their belt, the young people are already preparing to perform for family and friends in December, raising funds for Andover Young Carers, as well as at their first public performance at the Thruxton pantomime on December 12.

Clare told the Advertiser. “They are doing really really well. We have 16 members attending rehearsals. They are learning new skills and gaining in confidence all the time. They are learning to listen to each other - the older group are singing in two-part harmonies!

“They are so happy making music together, they all love it. If you think that they only started in September, it’s quite amazing.”

The youngsters sing a huge variety of music, from world music, to pop, to Disney music and traditional songs. Currently they are working on “funky” versions of Christmas classics.

“It’s about doing things in a more interesting way,” said CLare.

“It’s my job as a musician to offer them a buffet, and let them discover what they like.”

Clare says she would lille to grow the choir in the new year, and is encouraging parents across Andover to enrol their child for a free taster session.

“There must be so many children who would love to do it and would benefit so much, but they don’t know about it. It’s about finding your tribe - for sports, you can join a club, but if you love singing you might be singing along to pop songs on your own and all you need is to be able to come together with other people who love it as much as you do.

“I feel really passionate about it, because if kids don’t learn to sing in choirs, where are the choirs of the future coming from?”

The idea for the youth choir came from lockdown, and the loss of opportunities for young people to come together outside of school. Clare therefore decided to set it up in a safe way.

The choir rehearses at Winton Community Academy on Monday evenings, with a Junior Section for Years 4-6 from 6pm-7pm and then a senior section from Years 7-11 from 7:15pm.

Anyone interested should contact Clare Oliver on 07970 139395 or send an email to