SOME adverse wintery conditions are possible in the next few days before a change to somewhat milder weather arrives by the middle of next week.Analysing a number of projected computer pressure pattern models, it looks as though very cold polar air that originated in the Arctic region will be pulled down across the British Isles as high pressure anchors itself over the North Atlantic Ocean and a deepening depression sinks southwards over the North Sea.

This is a weather forecaster’s nightmare because the exact positions of the high and low pressure systems will dictate what falls out of the sky in our neck of the woods.

Putting more detail on what is coming in our direction, I am predicting a fair amount of dry weather at times. However, this weekend there is a risk of very strong winds developing for a time across north Hampshire. Besides the gales, a wintry mixture of rain, sleet or snow can be expected. Areas most likely to see any of the white stuff will be high ground such as the North Wessex Downs and surrounding district.

As next week progresses, milder Atlantic air is destined to replace the cold weather conditions, leaving our region with a mixture of one or two showery bursts of rain for a time along with brighter interludes and cloudier periods. When the sun does manage to make an appearance it should feel quite pleasant.

A top temperature of about 13C is expected later next week. However prior to this daily maximum temperatures will be below the seasonal average.

Overnight minimum air temperatures could drop to about -4C in a few well-sheltered spots if the mini-cold snap materialises this weekend and early next week.

Mist and fog patches are possible particularly in river valley districts on some nights.

Looking at the extended outlook for the following week, I expect a generally mild spell of weather for our patch . Readers can keep up to date with Andy’s daily weather forecasts on Twitter by typing in Weather UK Hampshire @southcentralwe1