A SCHOOL caretaker from Andover is celebrating his 75th birthday this weekend (Saturday, November 27).

Mick Coster has been working at John Hanson Community School on Floral Way for nearly 20 years, having previously been part of the team that built it, and still very much enjoys his role.

Mr Coster started working for HBG Construction in 2002 on the new school site of John Hanson and worked as a labourer for the site team building the school.

After the next job fell through, he set out to look for a new job and applied for the role of school caretaker at JHS, taking on the position from March 2003.

Now, as he nears his 75th birthday, the grandfather’s family and colleagues have told the Advertiser how proud they are of his achievements.

His daughter, Elissa Coster, who also works at JHS as a pastoral support worker, said: “I can remember very clearly how delighted dad was to get the job and as they say, the rest is history!

“I can’t begin to tell you how proud dad still is to work for the school and how much he still loves being part of the school team. The support of the school through some tough times over the past few years has meant the absolute world to dad then and now and they have just been extremely kind to him.

“I’m very proud to work alongside dad when he is coming up to 75 years old - it is quite something and very special. To still be working at 75 years of age should be commended.”

Russell Stevens, headteacher at John Hanson School, added: “Mick, you are an amazing individual and we are very proud to call you one of our own – one of the very special members of the John Hanson Family.

“From all at John Hanson, enjoy every minute of your special day on Saturday.”