It’s often said that no two days are the same in news, writes The Advertiser’s head of news Ryan Evans, and I’ve been reporting long enough to say that is categorically true.

Some days, you see the worst of humanity, whether it be a court case or a heartless crime. I’ve covered plenty of those. But the days that I really remember years on are the days when you see the best of humanity. Those days where people’s kindness comes to the fore.

Sometimes this is a result of terrible circumstances, or sometimes you find people with hearts as pure as gold that decide to do something amazing just because.

I think I have a pretty good perspective when it comes to Andover - I’ve worked here for a few years now, part of that living outside of the town, and now I live here too.

What Andover has in spades is community. Just one flick through The Advertiser each week and you can’t help but see just what a kind-heartened town this is. Whether it be a major incident like the Charlton lightning strike or something more minor, the town gathers round those who need it.

As well as that, we have a charming high street full of independent shops, we’re set between areas of beautiful countryside and are well connected to wherever you want to go. I could go on.

We won’t shy away from reporting what needs to be reported, whether that be exposing crime or holding power to account - often sunlight can be the best disinfectant and even a ‘negative’ story can have positive consequences.

But as we have been doing, we will continue to balance this with highlighting all the positivity that goes on in our town, and championing the great causes and people that live and work here.