Salisbury Cathedral will be holding a Voice Trial Workshop for young singers hoping to join the choir.

Young singers who fancy getting some practice in ahead of next year’s chorister try-outs are invited to join the Cathedral music team for a Voice Trial Workshop on Saturday, December 4.

The workshop is for young singers who are serious about wanting to become choristers, and who would like to dip their toe in the water before the actual selection trials in January 2022

David Halls, director of music at Salisbury Cathedral, said: “The workshop is part of our annual recruitment programme. It allows us to spend time with committed young singers ahead of the selection trials in order to help them do their very best when they do try for a place. We’re not looking for trained singers, we’re looking for children with potential, as well as enthusiasm and energy. Those two qualities are important as a musical ear and a voice. We can develop a child’s talent as long they have the right attitude.”

Catherine Mitchell, the cathedral’s music officer and recruitment administrator, added: “We encourage youngsters to do this workshop so that they know exactly what to expect when it comes to the actual selection trials. The reality is that a choir try-out only involves singing a short song of your choice, then doing some ear tests, but if you haven’t done one before it can be daunting.”

Each choristership comes with a place at Salisbury Cathedral School supported by a bursary. Up to eight bursaries are available for girls and boys annually. Each bursary covers a significant proportion of the school fees, with other funds available on application and according to need.

Nick Hawker, Salisbury, cathedral’s deputy and academic head said: “Part of what makes our school so special is our long history of outstanding provision for music and our relationship with the Cathedral.

“That goes hand in hand with a commitment to developing every child, regardless of where their talents lie.”

The Voice Trial Workshop takes place in the Cathedral at 11.00 on December 4 and is open to any child in school years 3 and 4.

Booking a space is simple. Just email Catherine Mitchell, Salisbury Cathedral’s Music Officer on