HISTORIC medals belonging to two brothers have been reunited after Andover Fire Station put out an appeal.

On Thursday, November 25 the fire station put out an appeal to find the owner of a medal they had found at the station.

They believed the medal belonged to a previous fireman named Harold Hunter from Andover and asked for residents to share the message to help return it to the family.

On Facebook they said: “We have found this medal in the station and would like to get it back to its rightful owner/family.

“It belonged to Leading Fireman Harold Hunter from Andover.

“If we can get this shared around Andover to find the family or owner that would be great.”

On Friday, November 26 the fire station revealed the medal had been reunited successfully with the owner.

Harold Hunter had no children but did have a brother called Leslie who was also a Sub Officer at Andover Fire Station and he also owned a medal.

Andover Fire Station said Leslie’s daughter Marie Hooks came in to claim the medal and the two brothers medals are now back together.

They added: “Thankyou for sharing our post and making it possible for the medals to be reunited with family.

“Thankyou to Marie for coming in today and sharing your stories with us.