A TEAM of Superheroes from Andover have helped a pupil at Icknield raise nearly £2000 for his school.

Dressed as superheroes Thor and Loki, Zak Walton and his Dad Ben, of Ben’s Quality Dry Cleaners, took on the Marvel Powered Winter Wonderwheels 10km in Windsor at the weekend.

They were accompanied on the run for the first 5km by Zak’s 10-year-old sister, Lara, dressed as Black Widow, as well as John Kilby dressed as Deadpool and his son Josh, 10, dressed as Spiderman.

Zak, who attends Icknield School, has cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user but this doesn’t stop him from wanting to explore challenges and expand his horizons.

Ben said: “My daughter Lara has been participating in Andover Junior Parkrun for a while and Zak expressed an interest in joining in, so he came along one week in the summer in his power chair and loved it.

“Unfortunately, he had some major surgery due which curtailed his efforts but post-surgery he wanted to get back on it. He was unable to use his power chair so asked me to push him round. I didn’t hesitate and off we went! The slow push quickly turned into a run and Zak loved it even more. Now. come rain or shine. he wants to do it every week -no matter how muddy and hard work it is.”

Ben continued: “We saw the Winter Wonder Wheels run and thought it was a great opportunity to extend our distance and raise some money for Zak’s amazing special school, Icknield. So we took on the 10km challenge.

“Zak had the challenge of taking photos and keeping me going while I pushed him and his chair around the course.”

The pair together completed two laps around Dorney Lake, home of team GB rowing.

Ben added: “We had our own cheering section watching us: my wife Abby, John’s wife Helen, and Zak’s Grandparents Jan and Mike. They braved the cold and roared us round through the wind and rain at the weekend.

“And a special thanks to Zak’s grandad, Steve, for getting his chair race ready!”

Zak and his family have so far raised £1935 for Friends of Icknield School charity.

“Massive thank you to everyone who sponsored and supported us for this amazing local special school,” said Ben.

Icknield School in Andover caters for children and young people aged 3-19 with disabilities and severe learning difficulties.