SIX young people were ordered by police to leave the town centre and Vigo Park area for a 48 hour period on Saturday night (December 11).

It comes after officers in Andover were granted a Section 34 dispersal Order to yelp tackle recent instances of anti-social behaviour.

Neighbourhood officers dealt with “a large number of teenagers causing anti-social behaviour” in the town and Vigo park area on Saturday night, and six young people were issued with dispersal orders and ordered to leave the area for 48 hours.

Test Valley Police said: “Their parents were fully supportive of action taken when spoken to. 

“As a responsible parent please know where your children are and what they are doing.  Please also have conversations with them about acceptable behaviour, we want young people to have good times without disrupting others.

“Police will continue to patrol over the Christmas and new year period, if you have concerns please report incidents online or via 101”.