Dear Editor,

I was born in the late 1930s and in the late 1950s I had cause to send a Christmas card to Wales on Christmas Eve and it was delivered on Christmas Day (there were deliveries on that day then).

How different today when I am still awaiting deliveries of envelopes which were posted to us in early December and containing Christmas cards and gift vouchers and I think I will never see these as I am told on good authority that Andover Delivery Office has mounds of sacks from early December onwards awaiting sorting.

To make matters worse we are also awaiting for car insurance paperwork, credit card statements and Blue Badge information all of which was posted to us, again in early December as was the aforementioned Christmas cards and gift vouchers from our daughter and grandchildren.

I am also awaiting Covid test kit in the post, but under the deliveries as they are now, I feel that the kits will not arrive thanks to the woeful performance of Andover Delivery Office.

With Covid etc I can understand lateness etc but there is or was a solution. In the previous days I was talking about with the Christmas rush Post Offices used to take on casual labour to help with the rush of mail but of course this took organisation and this appears to be in short supply with the Andover Sorting Office and perhaps Christmas took them by surprise!

Andover Sorting Office of the Royal Mail do not seem to understand that they are in the business of communication as they seem to fail to publicise their problems and pass them on to their customers. Surely a mention on Facebook or similar would not be beyond them.

I have tried many times to telephone them but after an hour of unanswered ringing I give up. As I said earlier could they not try to communicate as they are in the field of communications.

To make matters worse I am also awaiting delivery of car insurance and credit card statements.

Name and address supplied