A VILLAGE shop is appealing to the public for any information after an attempted break-in last week.

The Family Shopper store on The Dene, Hurstbourne Tarrant, shared CCTV footage of the incident on its Facebook, which took place in the late evening on December 28.

Owner Vinoth Kumar and the team wrote: “Last night, at 23:09 hrs, 4 men turned up on the shop forecourt in a car, and tried to break into our storage container. They were wearing strange masks, like bags with holes for eyes. They had a good look around our neighbours' businesses too - they were scared off at 23:13 when a car pulled up at the entrance.”

Sending an appeal to members of the public, they continued: “It has been reported to the police but we are hoping that whoever stopped may have got the registration number of the car which sped away in the direction of Andover. Also, this was still quite early - was anyone local walking a dog on Dene Green, or driving home?”

Speaking to the Advertiser, a Hampshire Constabulary spokesperson said: “We have received a report of a suspicious incident which took place at The Dene, Hurstbourne Tarrant, at around 11.15pm on Tuesday 28 December.

“It was reported that a car was driven on to the store forecourt. Four men were then seen to interfere with a container on the site. The men left soon after and nothing has been reported as stolen.

Vinoth added that he had heard other businesses in the area had been targetted on the same evening, however police told the Advertiser that there are no other incidents logged alongside it.