Postal delay in Andover

Dear Editor,

I am suffering at the hands of the inability of the Andover Postal Delivery Service to actually deliver any post on a regular basis.

On my last known delivery from the postal service I received letters on Christmas Eve with a postal franking date of the 14th of December. Both of these letters were posted second class from within the Andover area. Frankly, 10 days from sorting office to my letter box is not very good.

Following major surgery I have been very appreciative of the NHS and all they do for us, especially during this pandemic. With the NHS working under a heavy workload and extreme financial pressure it was more than lucky I found that I had an outpatient appointment at Andover WMH.

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I am still awaiting postal notification that I had an appointment on January 5, 2022. The NHS are keen to let patients know that missed appointments cost the NHS approximately £150. How many missed appointments are sat waiting in the sorting office?

Who is responsible for this?

In the meantime everyday, I play spot the postman while still waiting for my Driving Licence to be returned to me from the DVLA but that’s another story.

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Please withhold my name and address as I might wait even longer for any post.

Name and address supplied

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Kimberley Barber