THE borough council has said it ‘takes seriously’ its role in helping to address recent anti-social behaviour in the town.

In November, a number of incidents involving knives in Andover were reported to police, while in December officers suggested that the Basingstoke Street Gang may be operating in the area, leading to concern from councillors.

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Responding to the incidents, a spokesperson for Test Valley Borough Council told the Advertiser: “It’s important to remember that Andover is a safe town and these individuals and incidents are in the minority. But we want to reassure people that we are taking these issues seriously and we have been working with local schools to identify those involved.

“We share any information we gather with the police who, as the lead organisation, will then take the appropriate action.

“We would urge anyone who witnesses antisocial behaviour to contact the police immediately, so we can help to stamp out any problems quickly.”

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It comes after Cllr Iris Andersen told the Advertiser that the authority is working with schools in the Andover area to assist in identifying types of behaviour which may lead to criminal offences.

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