THE Wasp Spider and the Garden Tiger exhibition is all set to flutter into Andover.

The exhibition opened at Andover Museum on Church Close this week and will run until Sunday February, 27.

The exhibition at the museum will be operated by Hampshire Cultural Trust.

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It will look at the legacy of the great 18th century naturalist Gilbert White.

Gilbert White was a pioneering English naturalist and he transformed the way we look at the natural world. His lifelong love and talent for observing and recording nature influenced Charles Darwin, among many others.

In particular this exhibit will follow his pioneering 25 year study of the plants and animals at his Selborne home in Hampshire.

He pioneered the study of seasonal changes in the arrival of animals and plants over a 25-year period at his Selborne home.

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These historical studies are now a valuable aid in mapping environmental change through time and the impact these changes have on the natural world.

The touring exhibition will draw on the natural sciences collection in the care of Hampshire Cultural Trust .

The idea behind the event is to illustrate the impact of changes in the environment.

This includes how climate change affects plants, animals and insects that share our world.

Andover Museum is operated by Hampshire Cultural Trust, an independent charity set up in 2014 to promote Hampshire as a county that offers outstanding cultural experiences to both its residents and visitors.

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