A SCHOOL from Andover will compete in the Schools’ Football Week starting on next Monday, February 7.

Knights Enham Junior School will field their students in the sporting even organised by the English Schools’ Football Association (ESFA).

More than 120,000 pupils across the country are expected to benefit from the School’s Football activity. More than 46,000 girls will take part in activity specifically designed for the 2022 campaign.

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The Football Week is an initiative designed as an opportunity for schools, teams, associations, and clubs from across the country to embrace schools’ football and the wellbeing benefits it provides to pupils and players.

According to the ESFA, it celebrates the importance of schools’ football, competitive or otherwise, to pupils across England and provides teachers and coaches with tools and a motivation to further discuss the benefits of schools’ football within their educational environment.

This year’s tournament event is being organised in association with Haier.

Mark Hignett, ESFA Chairman, said: “On behalf of the English Schools’ Football Association, I am delighted to welcome Haier on board for Schools’ Football Week. It is fantastic to see how this campaign has grown in popularity over the last few years and to now have the initiative backed by a worldwide brand is another positive step for our Association.

“There is so much activity happening out there, be it within schools, districts, counties or internationally and with it comes a diverse range of opportunities for a diverse range of children. We want to highlight all of the wonderful work that goes on in England to nurture these young players and help them to continue on their journey with football, wherever it may take them.”

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