ONE of the UK’s best songwriters is heading to Andover as part of their brand-new tour.

English folk musician and actor Blair Dunlop will be heading to The Lights in Andover on March 19 in an exciting show that is not to be missed.

Having not been able to tour extensively over the last couple of years due to the impact of Covid-19 he is happy to be back performing on stage for audiences to come along and enjoy.

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Blair will tour extensively throughout March and April 2022 in the format that his fans love him best, just one man and one guitar.

The show promises to be intimate with selected venues having been chosen to allow the simplicity and sincerity of his songs and performances so that he can connect with his audience in the way Blair does best.

Hid debut album, Blight & Blossom, won the coveted Horizon Award at the 2013 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, while his 2010 debut EP is now a collector’s item .

He was also declared the “vital bridge between Brit folk’s first and latest flowerings” by Q magazine.

What sets Blair apart from his peers is the lyrical and musical maturity with which he writes.

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His third album Gilded was released in May 2016 on his own label – Gilded Wings and was widely acclaimed gaining BBC Radio 2 Playlist status for the two single releases.

Prior to this Blair released his acclaimed album House Of Jacks in mid 2014 which lived up to the promise of his 2012 debut Blight and Blossom (the quality of which contributed to his winning the BBC Radio 2 Horizon Award).

In 2018 Blair had released of his 4th album, which was called Notes From An Island on his own label to rave reviews.

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