MORE than 100 children, teenagers and adults from Andover took part in an amazing dance show last weekend as the FL Dance team took to the stage after a two-year break.

The spectacle at the Lights was a sell-out, with the Test Valley Mayor and the audience watching and clapping along to a variety of different dance styles.

The show also marked the last event of FL Dance’s head Marianne Rouse who is retiring after 45 years of teaching dance to Andover residents.

Maz, as she is affectionately called, has been producing and directing the show for the past several years.

Andover Advertiser: Maz performing during one of her showsMaz performing during one of her shows

She had tears in her eyes as she stood before the crowd.

Maz also performed a final dance solo at the end of the show before hanging up her dancing shoes.

Maz’s dance partner and daughter Emmeline Frost, who is taking over the school, said her mum will be greatly missed by all.

“Mum was extremely proud of all the cast,” Emmeline said.

“She wowed the audience with her dance solo at the end of the show.”

“Mum has given us more than dance over the years. She has supported and encouraged so many people. You have done something so incredible. You’ve been the root to so many awesome dancers and you will be missed.”

Emmeline, who teaches dance to children and teenagers, is an experienced dancer and teacher

Andover Advertiser: Emmeline (left) with her mum MazEmmeline (left) with her mum Maz

The members of the FL Dance team performed contemporary, jazz, disco, hip hop, musical theatre, Latin, and many more styles as the people of Andover were treated to two days of the showcase event.

This was the first annual showcase by FL Dance in two years. Their show in 2020 was one of the last events to be held at The Lights before the theatre closed for Covid.

FL Dance is welcoming new members to its dance family. You can find more information about the school on its Facebook page.

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