Staff at a Tidworth school have been making sure that families struggling financially are still able to enjoy Easter celebrations.

The Wellington Academy community wanted to make sure fuel cost increases don’t blight families’ Easter, so they dug deep to provide free Easter eggs to local families during the school holiday.

Senior deputy headteacher Rob Wood said that staff were conscious that the recent hike in the costs of vehicle fuel, domestic energy and certain foodstuffs will mean that many families will not be able to buy their children chocolate eggs this Easter.

“We reflected how some of our families who are on low incomes would inevitably have to forgo an Easter treat for their children, as they try hard to make ends meet while costs are rising so quickly,” said Mr Wood.

“Many of our colleagues kindly added an Easter egg or two to their normal weekly shopping, and we’ve been stockpiling them for the past couple of weeks. We’ll be distributing them to families we know will be struggling to make ends meet at the moment, and we hope it will help to make the Easter holiday a time to relax and enjoy being together – and feasting on chocolate!”

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