Budding young singers at Wellington Lions Primary Academy in Tidworth are delighted to be in full voice again after the pandemic put a stop to their Singing Club.

Since March 2020 the pupils in Years 3 to 6 have been unable to do what they love, and sing their hearts out, because of the risks of spreading infection as they do so. But now the weekly Singing Club, which meets after school, is resuming its sessions, and soon the club hopes to be able to sing in school assemblies once again.

Teacher Jessica Doyle, who runs Singing Club, says that singing can be very beneficial to those children who enjoy it.

“Singing helps our pupils develop the ability to perform multiple tasks at once so, for example, they need to learn to listen to the music and read the lyrics while singing all at the same time. That’s actually quite complex. Singing also encourages deeper breathing and higher concentration.

“But the benefits are far wider than that. Singing is a very social activity and promotes social development, with pupils making new friendships with children in other year groups and supporting each other through solos and tricky notes.

“It also makes the children feel good, giving them an outlet for their creativity, and they usually leave with smiles on their faces.”

Eighteen children have been attending during the spring term. The club does not hold auditions, as the aim is to make singing and performing fun, and auditioning might deter shyer children.

The pupils choose which songs they are going to sing, with their current favourites being We Don't Talk About Bruno, from Encanto, and Talking To The Moon by Bruno Mars. The children sing along to instrumentals and have recently started singing acapella and projecting their voices in an open space.

“It is so rewarding seeing them enjoying their singing once again,” said Ms Doyle.

“Children have missed out on so much during the pandemic, and seeing them pick up singing again with so much enthusiasm is an absolute pleasure.”