COUNCILLORS in Andover have called for a ‘travel plan’ to be put in place urgently due to traffic problems caused by school drop offs and pick-ups.

Considering applications for extensions at Mark Way School and Winton School at an Andover Town Council planning committee meeting earlier this week, members raised concerns about the amount of traffic which congregates on Batchelors Barn Road each weekday, due to its proximity to several schools.

Mark Way School, which lies on that road, has applied to Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) for permission to build a single-storey two classroom extension.

In addition, improvements to the staff room and toilet facilities, and front entrance, are proposed.

The additional space would allow the special educational needs school to offer 20 extra places.

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Committee members offered no objections to the plans themselves, but raised concerns about the impact of the expansion on and already difficult traffic situation.

Cllr Nigel Long said: “It’s good that the school is expanding, but there is going to be more staff and there is a lack of parking on site. Where are they going to park?

Cllr Luigi Gregori, who is also a governor at the school, added: “A lot of the parking problems on Batchelors Barn Road are not caused by Mark Way, they are actually caused by Winton.

“Winton should have a transport plan and they have not got that. So in the past what we have said is that the county council has got to look at the whole of the parking and the transport provision for the whole area around it. But this application is actually not bad.”

Meanwhile, Winton School is applying to TVBC for permission to install a modular school building containing four classrooms, a hall and food servery.

It also hopes to construct a new Multi Use Games Area (MUGA).

The application is currently subject to a public consultation by Hampshire County Council.

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Discussing the application, Cllr Nigel Long said: “They already have a basketball court up there which is floodlit and sometimes those lights have been left on all night, shining in people’s windows.

“It’s good that they are improving the school, but there needs to be conditions.”

However, once again, the main concern was the traffic situation.

Cllr Luigi Gregori said: “There is no travel plan or anything like that and there are major problems in the area.”

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