AN ANDOVER councillor is encouraging residents to take part in a survey aimed at assessing demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging points, after one woman’s fight for accessible parking left her having to get rid of her eco car.

As previously reported, Charlton resident Rachael Ardron, a pre-school teacher who suffers with mobility issues, received a grant for an accessible electric car.

However, TVBC later refused permission for a driveway outside her home on Armstrong Rise, meaning she was unable to use the installed charger.

Reacting to Rachael’s situation, Andover Town councillor Stu Waue posted to Facebook: “After reading this article, I felt that it raised some serious concerns for anybody that wished to purchase an electric vehicle, but didn't have a driveway.

“In my ward of St Mary's we have the Admirals, River and Pilgrims Way estates where many residents are lucky if there's even a parking space when they get home!

“So I've been looking into what we may be able to look forward to by way of electric vehicle charging provision.”

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Cllr Waue explained that he has asked several questions of both the borough and county council, but found that a lot of information was not yet available to them, and had yet to be “filtered down” from central government.

However, he shared the following guidance for “anyone wanting to go down that route”:

  • Charging cable can be laid across the ground up to a recommended maximum length of 10m (extended cable costs approximately £20 per metre). Cable protectors can improve safety and are available for approximately £10 per metre.
  • It should never be laid across the carriageway (road), or hung from upper storey windows or street furniture. If wishing to charge your vehicle, park on the same side of the road as your charging point.
  • Any legal liability arising from the placement of the cable or protector is your responsibility. You may wish to speak to your home insurer to confirm that your home insurance policy covers this situation.
  • When not charging a vehicle, the cable should be removed.

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Cllr Waue also drew attention to a County Council survey, which aims to understand where the current demand is for on-street charging for electric vehicles.

He said: “Please take the time to fill this survey out, especially if you do intend to purchase an electric vehicle in the future.

“The more responses HCC receives, the better their information will be and the more appropriate our charging provision will be when it's put in place.”

To view the survey, visit:

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