A MOTHER-OF-TWO from Anna Valley is awaiting surgery on her leg after a driver knocked her unconscious in a hit and run incident.

On Thursday (May 12), Clare Wright from Anna Valley set off for an afternoon run with her friend Michelle Willcox, on a route they regularly take.

However, as they were jogging along Cattle Lane, near to the junction with Andover Road, Monxton, a car came behind them and hit Clare, knocking her unconscious on the side of the road.

The driver of the car, thought to be a silver Ford, drove away rather than stopping to help. Clare was taken to Basingstoke hospital with injuries to her head and ankle and is now awaiting surgery.

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Clare’s husband, Jeremy Wright, 54, was away on business at the time, and was making his way through Schiphol airport in Amsterdam when his daughter phoned him to tell him what had happened.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Jeremy said: “They go for a run most Thursdays when Michelle finishes work. They generally go the same route, because it’s usually a quiet road.

“They heard a car coming up the single track road, so they went to single file. Clare, having a hi-viz top on, stayed at the back. They went as far left as they could, with the foliage that is overgrown. You could not get more visible than what she was wearing!”

He continued: “The next thing, Michelle heard a thud and Clare was on the side, unconscious. Michelle shouted stop, so the car stopped a bit away from them, and then just carried on.”

Jeremy said it was “upsetting” to return to the house and see Clare’s preparations for their evening meal still sat out.

“It’s a ‘what if, if only’. What could have happened is the worst thing for me,” he said.

“That’s why I am pleased she is in the right place and they keep checking up on her.”

Clare, who is a survivor of breast cancer, got involved in running after Jeremy took part in the 2018 London Marathon, and the whole family took up the hobby and joined the Muddy Runners club in Andover.

Jeremy said: “In lockdown, it was something we could all do as a unit. Clare does it for her wellbeing and to keep fit. She did the Couch25k, and a few weeks ago completed the London Landmarks 10K which was a big milestone.”

The 54-year-old was planning to take part in the Great South Run with Jeremy and their two daughters later this year, but it is now uncertain whether that will be possible.

Jeremy said: “Clare doesn’t remember a thing about it. She went down hard on her face. Luckily it’s not worse. The paramedics said it was a very fine line between being pushed away from the vehicle, or being pulled under it.”

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The family are now keen to help police trace the driver.

“They were absolutely aware of what they had done,” said Jeremy.

“It’s just abhorrent, the way in which they have acted, in my view. Accidents happen. Fine. But if they had stopped, offered their help and assistance, we would not be having this conversation.

“They didn’t know what condition either of them were in. That’s the thing that disappoints me. I can’t think of any reason why I would do that.

“We are not going to rest.”

Jeremy also urged everyone to download the What 3 Words app, used by emergency services to help locate incidents, especially in rural areas.

He added that he wants to say a massive thank you to all who did help at the scene.

“It was greatly appreciated and made a bad situation as comfortable as it could be,” he said.

Officers are appealing to the driver of the vehicle, which they believe may have been a silver Ford, to come forward and assist with enquiries.

If you have any information that may help, please call 101 quoting reference 44220187541.

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