A WOMAN from Weyhill has launched a fundraising appeal to help two Ukrainian women and their dog who survived 41 days of shelling in Mariupol safely travel to Test Valley.

Rosie Wilcock, who herself is currently hosting two Ukrainian refugees, has been working as a coordinator, helping those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine to find safe homes in Hampshire.

The mother-of-three has been in communication with a woman from Mariupol for the past three weeks. The family lost their home and all their belongings when Russia invaded the city, but have finally arrived safely in Poland.

Rosie has found a host in Upper Clatford for the woman, her mother and their dog, but is now trying to raise enough funds for temporary accomodation in Poland while they apply for permission to come to the UK.

Andover Advertiser: Rosie Wilcock from WeyhillRosie Wilcock from Weyhill

Rosie said: “Tragically their house was shelled and burnt in Mariupol and they have lost everything. The conflict means they have also lost their only source of income too.

“They miraculously survived 41 days of heavy shelling. I have been waiting for them to find a safe corridor out of a Russian occupied area. It was too dangerous to send in a team to extract them.”

Rosie says that their Upper Clatford host is “looking forward” to welcome them to Test Valley, but that the process of being treated for their injuries and also applying to the Homes for Ukraine scheme could take up to four weeks.

She has personally funded their first few nights of accommodation in Warsaw, but has now launched a GoFundMe page and is asking people to donate anything they are able.

“When communications were taken down, we lost touch for a week and we all feared the worst,” she said.

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“I just want them to have a few comfortable nights of safety. We are so close to getting them to safety.

“I'd like to raise funds for accommodation, living expenses and their onward journey to the Test Valley, UK and of course help transporting Dasha the dog!”

Rosie has set a fundraising goal of £2,500 with any surplus funds being donated back to the Sunflower Sisters Transport Fund, helping to support those fleeing to the UK from Ukraine.

For more information, or to make a donation, visit: https:gofund.me/f0db5cb0.

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