POLICE in Andover are asking residents to remain vigilant and report anti-social behaviour to help them implement "action plans" in place to address it. 

Earlier this year, Hampshire Constabulary announced it was launching Operation Solar in Andover, aimed at preventing anti-social behaviour which has been a problem in the town for several months. 

Now, officers are reiterating the importance of residents cooperation with the scheme.

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Posting to Facebook, Test Valley Cops wrote: "Andover Neighbourhood Policing Team have been looking into the ongoing anti-social behaviour in the Vigo Park area. 

"We understand that problems can flare up, especially during the warm weather, so we have established action plans that can be put in place should problems arise. 

"Some of the plans include officers continuing to carry out high-visibility patrols in the area (especially during peak times). We will also continue working closely with other agencies who can assist us with problem solving."

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They continued: "We would like to encourage the community to continue reporting suspicious/concerning activity in the area as this will help our response. 

"We would also appreciate your feedback on the problems in the area and what kind of things you would like to see us doing to tackle ASB in Vigo Park."

Residents can engage with police by calling 101 or via the Hampshire Contabulary website. In the event that a crime is in progress, always call 999.

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