AN ANDOVER charity is holding a 'Cakes and Crafts' event this weekend to raise money for sensory equipment for neurodivergent people.

Koala Community Hub, which was set up by Tori Rist last year, holds a variety of groups targeted at those with conditions such as autism and ADHD to provide specialist support for their needs.

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Its latest project has been aimed at raising enough money to install two sensory rooms, for children and teenagers.

On Saturday (May 21), at 2pm, the charity is hosting an event, with cakes, crafts and sensory items on sale.

It is taking place at The Bridge on Bridge Street.

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Tori said: "It is a really good opportunity for neurodivergent and autistic people to also have a look around the space, as the sensory rooms will be open, and to meet some of our groups without committing to a group.

"All of the funds raised will go towards setting up our two sensory rooms, for use by our whole Koala community."

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