A small group of clients of homeless charity Two Saints were treated to a rare change in their day to day struggles with an exciting day out go-karting at Thruxton race course.

Headed by Caroline Atkas, support worker at Bridge House, there was a real community feel to the day as she organised donations to help fund the day.

Staff worked hard to raise money by doing events such as car boot sales and money from Two Saints’ client involvement scheme to pay for the event.

All nine clients from Bridge House and Dene Court were thrilled at the chance for an exciting day out and, with the generosity of Thruxton, clients were also treated to an extra round free of charge.

With beaming smiles and positive energy radiating from them, the clients were presented with a certificate each and the winner was given a bespoke trophy - donated by Read Gifts in Tidworth.

Afterwards clients enjoyed lunch from Dominoes at a generous discount as well as drinks donated by Andover Food Bank.

All clients were lucky to be transported to the event in a minibus provided by Unity along with a volunteer driver.

The day was a great success with clients who have experienced real struggles and hardship - staff witnessed them all coming out of their shell and forgetting their worries for the day.

The group commented that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and socialised with clients they hadn’t met before.

Another great result of the day is that one client felt passionate enough to speak to the circuit manager and has been enrolled as an event volunteer marshall – an incredible result and brilliant end to the day.

The end of the event was celebrated with one of the clients leading the group in ‘three cheers for Caroline’.

The event helped with team bonding skills as well as creating positive engagement and boosting self-esteem.

Two Saints would thanked Thruxton Go-Karting, Read Gifts, Dominoes Pizza, Unity transport and Andover food bank for their contributions in making the day possible.

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