PHOTOS have shown the "unacceptable levels of waste" being left behind by travellers this month.

A total of 15 encampments have been seen across Hampshire since the start of May. 

In five of the cases police used special powers to move the groups on.

Photos shared by the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) show the mess that has been left behind. 

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Taken at Shedfield Common, the images show clothes, gas canisters solution, pillows and bags of rubbish strewn across the grass. 

It also appears that the grass has been burnt. 

It comes as encampments have been set up across the region recently with incidents in Andover, Ringwood, Redbridge, Eastleigh and Sholing. 

Now the area's police boss has slammed those leaving the rubbish, pledging to work towards a sollution. 

PCC Donna Jones said: "These photos, taken over the last few days in Hampshire, show the unacceptable levels of waste left behind after unauthorised encampments.

Andover Advertiser: Rubbish left at Shedfield Common after an unauthorised encampment.Rubbish left at Shedfield Common after an unauthorised encampment.

“This type of blatant disregard for property costs the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds every year and has a major impact on local communities.

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“In my Police and Crime plan, I pledged to work with partners from each council area, Hampshire Constabulary and landowners to tackle the issue.

“I will continue to work with Hampshire Constabulary to ensure they have a robust plan in place but the police cannot do this alone.

“Firm and coordinated action needs also to be taken by councils, partners and the courts.”