A NEW clinic has opened in a Hampshire village offering solutions for dealing with acne and acne scarring as well as a range of anti-ageing and pigmentation treatments.

The Skin Investment Clinic opened its second base in Little Somborne, just outside of Stockbridge, on June 6.

The business has expanded after popular demand at its clinic in Farnham which led the company to franchise.

Holly Mason, founder of the company, said she now hopes to open further franchises around the UK.

Holly said the business was already going well, and had opened during Acne Awareness Month.

She said: “The clinic is in a really discrete setting, which we have found from running our Farnham clinic, enables patients to feel more relaxed and comfortable when discussing their skin concerns. They also feel at ease arriving and leaving without make up on and don’t have the stress of worrying about parking or bumping into anyone on the high street.”

Andover Advertiser: Holly mason and Lucinda Crutchfield of the Skin Investment Clinic

During June, national Acne Awareness Month aims to reduce the stigma surrounding the common skin condition and educate people on its causes and treatments.

The Skin Investment Clinic’s dermatologist, Dr. Benedetta Brazinni said: “Acne awareness month is important as often acne can be misunderstood as just a few spots. It has a massive impact on mental health and confidence of patients. It is best to treat acne early on to prevent scarring and people should be aware that it is rare for acne to disappear on its own.

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“It is important for patients to go into a clinic, in order for them to get the correct diagnosis, medical advice and support and prevent any adverse reactions from products at home. At The Skin Investment Clinic we are able to create bespoke treatment plans for patients so they know from the start, what to expect.”

Dr Brazinni is on hand to help with general dermatology concerns and anti-ageing injectables. The dermatologist recommends a healthy diet, physical activity, a substantial amount of sleep and resisting the temptation to pick as free methods to prevent acne.

Acne bootcamper Phillipa Campbell had been suffering from “painful” bouts of acute acne which “seriously affected” her day-to-day life.

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She said: "They have transformed my skin. Holly was compassionate and extremely knowledgeable, developing a tailored treatment plan to tackle the underlying issues as well as treating the scarring. My skin is totally clear now."

The Winchester clinic is open Monday to Friday 9.30am until 7.30pm.

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