Driving ban

AN ANDOVER man has been handed a fine after admitting to drug driving in the town.

On March 26, Mark Cook, of King George Road, was driving along East Anton Farm Road with 264ug/L of cocaine product Benzoylecgonine in his blood. The limit is 50.

In addition, he had not less than 4.5ug/L of cannabinoid THC in his blood, when the limit is 2.

At Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court on June 14, the 33-year-old pleaded guilty to both offences.

He was given a £120 fine, plus costs of £40 and a £34 surcharge. He was also disqualified from driving for 13 months.

Calling 999

AN OVERTON man has been found guilty of calling 999 without an emergency and persistently using a public communications network illegally.

Between October 22 and 25 2021, Simon Beynon, of Pond Close called 999 without a genuine emergency, despite being prohibited to do so by a previously issued criminal behaviour order.

In addition, the 44-year-old was charged with using a public electronic communications network “for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another” on two occasions.

Beynon pleaded not guilty to all three offences on March 1, but was proved guilty at Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court on June 17. On June 21 the case was adjourned for sentencing at Winchester Crown Court.

Beynon was remanded on unconditional bail until July 21.

Drugs fine

AN ANDOVER man has been fined for possessing Class A and Class B drugs.

On October 5, Jack Duncan, of Colenzo Drive, was found with 0.5g of cocaine, a controlled drug of Class A.

The 23-year-old additionally had 2g of cannabis, a Class B substance.

At Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court on Monday, June 20, Duncan pleaded guilty to both counts and was fined £600, plus costs of £60 and an £85 surcharge - making a total of £745.

An order was also made for forfeiture and destruction of the drugs.

Drink driving

AN ALLEGED drink driver from Andover has denied the charge against them.

Manikandan Sundararajan, of Merino Road, is reported to have been driving with 41 microgrammes per 100 millilitres of breath on June 3. The legal limit is 35.

The 36-year-old pleaded not guilty at Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court on June 21, and the case was adjourned until July 26 at the same court.

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