A NEW children’s initiative aimed at making art more understandable for young people has arrived in a Hampshire village.

On Sundays, from 2-4pm, the Wykeham Gallery in Stockbridge is offering children the chance to gain appreciation of contemporary art at a beautiful gallery with a qualified teacher with over 25 years’ experience.

Artist and teacher Jane Young will be hosting the ‘Make Sense of Art’ workshops. Each week, she will select a couple of works of art to show the children – works that will hopefully inspire the children to stop and look at other art, now and in the future.

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Jane said: “Perhaps you have a great love of art which you would like to instill in your children. Maybe you find art confusing and want to learn more about art with your children? Art appreciation encourages children’s imagination and creativity as well as giving the opportunity to explore new ideas and new worlds.

“Above all, it takes them away from screens for a while and gives them time to stop, look and think. Whilst the children are occupied you have time to browse around the gallery in peace – or you can listen in.”

With more than eight exhibitions every year there is always something new and exciting to see and explore at The Wykeham Gallery and Sculpture Garden.

For more information, visit: wykehamgallery.co.uk.

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